I tried so many different masseuses and some were ok but until I met Kim I realized they were substandard.
She really knows her stuff! Believe me I am very picky.
My muscles feel so good now!!!!
She always adjust the perfect pressure depending on my level of soreness and knows exactly where to massage.
Also I really like that she really listens to you and adjusts
as needed. Thank you Kim! Great job!
John A.


Finally found a place where I come out feeling AWESOME!
Honestly, my back was horrible!
It was to a point where I was afraid to let anyone touch it.
But my therapist, Robert, assured me that everything will be ok.
I told him all my problems and he fixed them ALL.
He had the perfect pressure, not too soft or too hard.
I will definitely be coming back!
Thanks Robert!”
Gerilyn L.


Kim’s ability to trace the problems in your body is extraordinary. I walk a lot so most of my tension is being stored in my legs.
The moment she touched it she felt it right away and concentrated most of the session around that area.
After the session the tension was completely gone
and I felt a lot better.
Amanda Johnson

Simply the best

I am one of Kim’s regulars.
Kim comes to massage me at my place because I have a few kids and I can’t leave them by themself.
Her massages are simply the best massages I have ever had.
It’s my one mini vacation every week.
Alicia Jeffreys