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About the Owner

Kim’s passion is the potential of the human body, and its amazing ability to function and heal. She ran competitively as a child and was a professional ballet dancer as a youth. Her interest in the body developed as she did herself; over time with extensive study, she became a healer to those who knew and trusted her.

After a sports injury in 2000, Kim suffered a devastating herniated disc that confined her to her bed for two years.

After seeing some of the best doctors and being subjected to numerous treatments in Western and Eastern medicine, Kim’s back completely healed. Many doctors said that she would have to live her life managing the pain, but she made it a point to expand her knowledge about back treatments and dedicate her life to preventing people from experiencing the excruciating pain she had.

Kim incorporated some of the healing methods she studied in medical massage and deep tissue work, and received rave reviews from her clients. Now she brings her healing to you.