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Massage In LA - Massage Therapy Los Angeles

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Couples Massage

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How would you like to impress your date and get her / him a massage?

Start the date off with a relaxing massage putting all your tension and stress at ease. Make it the perfect date with a gift that really shows you care.


End the date with a massage and make that last impression one she / he will never forget! There is nothing better than ending the day and enter slumber then getting a massage. This will have you feeling loose, relaxed and at ease entering sleep enhancing REM, allowing you to feel refreshed and relaxed about the date you had last night.

We at Massage In LA, pride ourselves on our service to the Los Angeles area and will be happy to come to your house for a small additional fee. Click here or on prices to see how our affordable prices can accomodate you.

All massages are one price, so pick from a variety of massages shown on the navigation panel to the left.

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